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What makes life valuable is that it doesn’t last forever. What makes it precious is that it ends. I know that now more than ever. And I say it today of all days, to remind us that time is luck. So don’t waste it living someone else’s life, fight for what matters to you, no matter what. Because even if you fall short, what better way is there to live?”

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Here’s your ticket. Stick to it, Harry, it is very important. Stick to it.

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my little cousin got bit by a house spider and she was crying so i went to get some stuff to soothe and numb it but before i could even walk out the door i heard her quietly whisper ‘i can’t handle the responsibility of being spiderman’

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Please don’t say you love me ‘cause I might not say it back.
Doesn’t mean my heart stops s k i p p i n g when you look at me like that.

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get to know: jennifer lawrence (insp.)
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Katniss Everdeen + Sassy moments.

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Last Line of Catching Fire Chapters v The Film [1/3]

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“chuffed doesnt mean what you think it means”


it means exactly what i think it means its just some stupid word that literally has two definitions that mean the opposite thing

This makes me really chuffed.

This post is quite egregious


Well I’m nonplussed by this whole post.




Thanks, I’ll keep it in mind.

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Wit beyond measure, is man’s greatest treasure.

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What you fear most of all is — fear. Very wise.

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fangirl challenge  -  [3/10] male characters

  draco malfoy  “i can help you, draco.” “no, you can’t," said malfoy, his wand shaking very badly indeed. "nobody can. he told me to do it or he’d kill me. i’ve got no choice.

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